Zhang Yi Shan and Pan Yue Ming battle it out in Inside Man

Republican drama Inside Man (局中人) stars Zhang Yi Shan and Pan Yue Ming as brothers who begin their journey in different camps and eventually finding themselves aligned with the same interests in order to survive a game they want no involvement in. Well, the cast is pretty good so there’s one point for the drama. xD

Airing today 6/23!

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Jin Dong, Chen Qiao En at press conference for Candle in the Tomb

Well, remember this adaptation franchise of the novel Ghost Blows Out the Candle? NO? How could you not know? Lol. It has two prior movie adaptations; one with Chen Kun and one with Mark Zhao. Now to complete the routine for all upcoming projects, it gets a drama version starring ♥ Jin Dong ♥ (YES! I AM that fond of this man!) and the lovely Joe Chen Qiao En, who is lining up her works to romance the pants off all the men in Nirvana in Fire. LOL!

Candle in the Tomb (网剧鬼吹灯) held a press conference today and I’m surprised they have enough footage for a quick teaser too!

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