Zhang Zi Yi and Chang Chen up to headline drama Di Wang Ye?

Still awaiting official confirmation but I don’t think they can throw around Zhang Zi Yi‘s name for fun (they wouldn’t, right?) Lol. Di Wang Ye (帝王业) is adapted from the palace novel written by Mei Yu Zhe, following the arranged/transactional marriage between a fallen princess and a man of humbling background, as they rise to power together. Is this Zhang Zi Yi’s television debut? Wow. Funny how C-Ent movie actresses go into dramaland just to do empress roles. Lol. Do you think this is a limitation or an expansion of their movie star status?

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Zhang Zi Yi and Hu Ge up for drama Emperor’s Conquest?

Newsflash! Looks like everyone and their grandma want to time-travel back to the hehaw years to dominate the chaotic world. The latest news explosion on weibo brought Zhang Zi Yi and Hu Ge together for the novel-to-drama adaptation of Emperor’s Conquest (帝王业) written by Mei Yu Zhe. The story follows two intelligent people bound together by a political marriage that slowly morphs into an epic relationship of love, loyalty, and trust in their conquest of the world. Now this sounds absolutely yummy for both male and female lead. Why don’t we get this more often in dramaland? Who has read the novel and can share more?

Notice the question mark? That is to prevent any possible heart attack going on. Lol. Still just a rumor.

*breathes* If this is true, then it is film actress Zhang Zi Yi’s first entry into dramaland. Really?!

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