Li Mo Zhi capture the hearts of Chen Zhe Yuan, Zhang Jun Ning and more in Renascence

Renascence (凤唳九天) is adapted from the novel The Cry of the Phoenix Which Reached the Ninth Heaven written by Xiao Yun. I don’t know much about names but THIS name would make me want to check the series out. Lol. It is a revenge journey of our female lead; her soul is transferred to her sister in the same timeline. Whut?? (What happened to her sister’s soul then? Hanging out with ET?)

This is the description of Qiyi: Empress of Chu, Yao Mo Xin, falls prey to traitors in the imperial court. After a thunderstorm, her soul transfers itself into the body of her younger sister, Yao Mo Wan, who happens to be running from the enemies. Yao Mo Wan tumbles down a cliff and loses her memory. Through a series of events, Yao Mo Wan and Prince Su of Chu, Ye Jun Qing, fall in love. Yao Mo Wan finally settles the painful score of the past after much hardship and helps Ye Jun Qing reclaim his kingdom.

Began airing yesterday 9/22!

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The King’s Woman Discussion Post Week 6: Episode 31 – 36

One of my least favorite tropes in dramas…female lead getting tortured. Have you noticed, it’s always the girls getting tortured by the men they love! Can’t you hide her in a secluded pretty prison cell and have cotton candy together?

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The King’s Woman Discussion Post Week 3: Episode 13 – 18

Since it’s Chinese Valentine’s Day, maybe we will get some much needed doses of romance and development? I hope? This type of story will make or break based on how well these two play off each other and make us believe that love is possible between them. It’s a tricky game now ~

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