William Feng, Zhang Jing Chu, Tang Yan at Three Body Press Conference

Three Body, is a film adaptation of the sci-fi novel, The Three-Body Problem, written by Chinese writer Liu Cixin. Set in the tumultuous years of the Cultural Revolution, the premise is about alien invasion and the government and scientists’ responses to this intrusion of their homeland by dividing into different factions. The humans are not all that innocent to begin with because a signal launched into outer space by a military project is captured by a group of desperate aliens on the verge of extinction. It gives them hope and the idea that coming down to Earth might save them. I’m planning on reading the translated English novel because I love sci-fi novels and the reviews sound positive! The star-studded film held a press conference today with its cast. Leading the pack is William Feng (King of Lan Ling) and Zhang Jing Chu (I Am Somebody, Honeymoon Hotel).

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