Back To 1989: Episode 17 “Acceptance.”

What a roller coaster ride. My emotions went through the wringer, ya’ll. Though there were many, many tears, the whole episode represents the hopeful side of acceptance. Accepting the fact that there are things we can and cannot control, can and cannot have, and coming out as a better person.

Did I say I Love Chen Che? His name should be spoken with hearts!!

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Back To 1989: Episode 14 “That Dark Christmas.”

Why…Why. I initially wanted to return to recap this drama because episode 11 blew the angst off the lid and hit me in the heart with more ways than one. Then the tragedy struck this episode and now I’m left dangling with a bruised heart, wavering between wanting to continue and fearing of the repercussions. Why do you have to be so painful, Show? Can’t 1989 be all about the birth of jolly Kappy? I’m not important? Kthanks. WAHH.

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Back To 1989: Episode 1 “Saving the Damsel.”

Taking a break to watch some dramas! A few weeks ago, Yui recommended two dramas for me to watch. Both are Taiwanese dramas, 1) Refresh Man with Aaron Yan and Joanne Tseng and 2) Back To 1989 with a cast I’m unfamiliar with. My choice? Fresh faces! And I also like the synopsis much better. A sharply-dressed man accidentally time-travels to the year before his birth to meet his mom and find the truth about his missing father. Sounds good.

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New Year Music Shows From Various Chinese TV Stations

Alrighty, it’s that time of the year again where Chinese Broadcasting stations fight to get the most popular artists to perform at their New Year Music Shows. I will try to add as many performances as possible! Check to see where your favorite stars went!

Happy New Year to all of our drifters! Looking forward to another prosperous new year on this ship. ~~~ ^___^ ~~~

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