Limit: Episode 4 & 5 “Everyone is scared.”

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In your world, what is scary? Turns out it’s not the things you can hear and see but the words you think you’re hearing based on your weak mentality and insecurity. The actress (above) is so good at making me feel for her fears and desperation. No matter what, I still think she looks like Shida Mirai‘s elder sister. I like the realization that some of our girls encounter in these two episodes. For all I know, the first step to stop doing the wrong thing is understanding that you created the monster using the same abusive method as the said monster is now mimicking. If they’re gonna survive this accident, they will have to cooperate and solve the inner conflicts together.

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Limit: Episode 2 & 3 “Facets of youth.”

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Episode 2 is downright depressing as the girls struggle to keep their heads in the game, now that the world they knew and took for granted has collapsed. Laws don’t matter and vanity might get you killed. Which is why I’m so glad episode 3 restores my faith in the writer that they’re still teenagers. They make up as fast as they break up. Fine, they did not gather around a campfire and retell horror stories, but one fixed relationship is a step away from strangling each other, okay?

Tidbit: I did a little digging and found out the manga artist also did Life. No wonder why Limit feels homely.

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Limit: Episode 1 “Deadly Imaginations.”

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I don’t think it’ll be as gory since it’s airing on TV, but this psychological drama reminds me of Battle Royale. You know that disturbing movie where a bunch of kids are sorta kidnapped and forced to kill each other under the government’s twisted goal of discipline? It’s interesting that the young ones are also used here as possible participants to something much darker. They have the innocence that jaded adults don’t and it makes their actions much more shocking. But the teenagers here aren’t so innocent. They have tasted the power of ranks and fight to maintain that superiority. Episode 1 went by pretty fast, running at only half an hour to depict the lives of our protagonists – what they do, feel, and hate, before everything slips down a hill and changes the role they thought they’ll always play.

WARNING: Images are not bloody but if you dislike seeing corpses with bulging eyes. Please do not proceed. You are warned. Don’t get mad and poke holes in my ship. 😛 Also, do not spoil if you’ve watched ahead!

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