Please Give Me A Pair of Wings with Aaron Yan and Ju Jing Yi

Period drama, Please Give Me A Pair of Wings (请赐我一双翅膀), with Aaron Yan and Ju Jing Yi has new promotional materials in a long trailer and a bunch of stills. The story follows our heroine as the chief police’s daughter, whose father was killed and she becomes the top suspect and gets sent to prison. Aaron plays a detective who eventually finds out that all the evidence against the heroine was a big fat lie, he heads out to clear her name.

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Zhao Li Ying’s Ji Xiang Tian Bao unveils themesong, airdate

This crazy drama is gonna be the death of me. The convoluted twisty romance is buoyed merely by Zhao Li Ying‘s chemistry with Zhu Zi Xiao, and if anything, I’m watching to see how they drive each other into hell (quite literally) with his possessive and destructive love for her. I don’t like that kind of love but I’m excited to see Zhu Zi Xiao flex his acting skills in this role. Color me strangely intrigued. After being shelved for three years, Ji Xiang Tian Bao aka Lucky Tian Bao (吉祥天宝) will meet audience in the form of a webdrama, airing exclusively on tencent platform for VIP accounts, starting today, June 6th.

Then I will secretly, shamelessly, watch it. XD

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Disjointed trailer for Ji Xiang Tian Bao starring Zhao Li Ying & Kim Ki Bum

Zhao Li Ying continues to be on fire with project after project. News says this one is already done filming and she has already started on a new drama. This girl doesn’t sleep, as evidence suggests. How did she find the time to shoot The Palace, in between all the promotional activities and filming schedules? Definitely one of the break-out stars of this year – the other half is obviously her reel boyfriend, Chen Xiao. 😉

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