Guo Jun Chen romances Li Nuo in period drama Ying Ying Su Yu Yi Nan Qiu

Ying Ying Su Yu Yi Nan Qiu or simply Su Yu (萦萦夙语亦难求) is an upcoming romantic comedy with Guo Jun Chen and Li Nuo. Guo Jun Chen plays the young master of Qian Yun Hills, who’s got looks, talents, and a heroic heart – keeping jianghu at peace. The story will play out his hilarious romance with his assistant played by Li Nuo. To the outside world, they are the perfect pair – she manages everything smoothly inside Qian Yun Hills and is viewed with utmost importance. Who knew that behind closed doors, they are like cat and dog, constantly at each other’s throat due to a bet in the past.

This looks like fluffy candy!

Airing 7/16!

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