Eddie Peng and Zhao Li Ying wrap up filming for their movie

Now that is fast. Movies are generally faster than dramas. Now our girl can begin filming for The Monkey King 3 soon. Lol. For their wrap-ups, Li Ying spams weibo with a lot of pictures. This girl has been spamming people’s weibos these past few weeks. Even writer Han Han couldn’t escape her royal wrath. Lol.

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IQiyi All-Star Carnival Night 2017

I anticipated the whole week for this event until the bomb dropped last night that Li Ying wouldn’t be able to attend because she needed to film an important scene for her movie, Ride the Winds Break the Waves, with Eddie and Deng Chao. Sigh….. Her manager went in her stead and she won Artist of the Year Award. Most of the attendees were Li Ying’s co-stars too! Good thing they have a good variety of stars to reel me back in. heh. The pretty!

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Updates on Zhao Li Ying’s 29th Birthday with close friends

Our hard-working little bee bunny turns 29 today! She had a small party with her team before heading out later to attend the Golden Eagle Awards! I hope she picks a pretty gown! Get ready for picspams later. 😉

UPDATE: Princess Agents Crew Send a Video Message! And more birthday messages for Li Ying! 😀

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Happy Camp: Mermaids and Sailors (7/30/16)

This is a great weekend for us Li Ying’s fans. We have her on Happy Camp today (saturday), Chusen premieres tomorrow, and more episodes of The Mystic Nine on Monday and Tuesday. I’m loving this. Haven’t watched this episode yet (one more hour at work!) but the stills look ridiculously entertaining already!

Guests: Zhao Li Ying, William Chan, Wang Zi Wen, Ren Zhong, Jessica Jung.

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Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (37)

It’s been a while! So many news that I can’t get to them individually.

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Ten beautiful actresses join Hunan new reality show, Up Idol

Wow, what a fanboy-driven show! Heck, I’m a girl and I definitely have a crush on almost all the invited ladies. Up Idol (or Idol Is Coming), is a new reality show produced by HunanTV with ten beautiful actresses of their respected era traveling to different areas, one of them being Mongolia. Just when we complained we don’t have enough sisterhood displayed onscreen, here is a golden chance for creating those precious bonds that might just last a life time. I’m not sure what it is about because the baidu page is pretty unhelpful. But the core of the show is dividing them into two teams and competing them in various games and competitions. The show begins airing on July 25th. There will be male guests in certain episodes and some of the leaked news include Li Yi Feng, TFboys, Kris Wu, EXO, and Lu Han.

Who are the ten actresses? Click to find out! 😀

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