Movie Review: The Monkey King 3 (Cmovie, 2018)

新年快乐! Since it’s Chinese New Year’s weekend and there are actually quite a few movies playing in the theatre near me, I decided to go see The Monkey King 3. I think this was the most people I’d seen in the theatre for a Chinese movie, attesting to the popularity of this story and the actors in it. It stars Feng Shaofeng (“The Starry Night, The Starry Sea”) and Zhao Liying (“Princess Agents”) and continues the story of the monk and his disciples traveling West.

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Zhao Li Ying up for female ruler role in The Monkey King 3

The net has been burning up with this rumor all day and her studio has yet to speak up.

If true, she’ll reuniting with Aaron Kwok, who plays Monkey King, Feng Shao Shao as Shifu, Him Law as Sha Seng, and Xiao Shen Yang as Pig Demon. It’s the third part of the Monkey King franchise, following The Monkey King in 2014, and The Monkey King 2 in 2016. This part tells the story of Shifu team as they head into the all-female territory known as the Women’s Country. The queen (or should I say female ruler?) falls in love with Tang San Zang and wants to marry him. To deceive the love-stricken lady, our Shifu monk pretends to agree and again escape with Monkey King’s tricks. Unsure how the synopsis of the movie will be like.

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