New Year Music Shows From Various Chinese TV Stations

Alrighty, it’s that time of the year again where Chinese Broadcasting stations fight to get the most popular artists to perform at their New Year Music Shows. I will try to add as many performances as possible! Check to see where your favorite stars went!

Happy New Year to all of our drifters! Looking forward to another prosperous new year on this ship. ~~~ ^___^ ~~~

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Chat Station: Run Brother (Ep. 7) and Run For Time (Ep. 6)

Interesting tidbit: the ancient setting and costumes in each episode is created by Yumama. Cool. Ella Chen is featured in both shows at the same time. Ha!

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Chat Station: Run Brother (Ep. 5) and Run For Time (Ep.4)

Ruby Lin and more are here with us this week. Maybe this could kick-off the release of some productions sitting prettily on the back burner?

I have to work (like always) so will chat later tonight!

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Chat Station: Run Brother (Ep. 4) and Run For Time (Ep.3)

Sorry, I missed last week! Was just too caught up with life and work. If you’re watching any other shows, hit us up in the comment section for a recommendation. I haven’t watched this week’s episodes yet so you ladies can chat about them first. I have work tomorrow morning so see you in the afternoon!

Elvis, Gina, Hawick, and Luo Jin are here with us!

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Chat Station: Run Brother (Ep. 2) and Run For Time (Premiere)

I’m feeling so bloated right now from the food and Thai Tea drinks. Lol. Sitting in a chair and watching variety shows might not be the best way if I want to maintain firm butt cheeks! But I’ll do that for now~ XD

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