[Recap] Warrior Baek Dong Soo Episode 17

Guess who have been added to my lovely list of Ajusshi crush? CHOI. MIN. SOO. I can’t believe I overlooked this man the past 15 episodes while everyone is making moony eyes at him. Not to mention my cursing to him when he killed Dae Pyo Ajusshi. Forgive me Dae Pyo…but Fatherly Chun wins hand down. Continue reading

[Recap] Warrior Baek Dong Soo Episode 15

Um, yea, this is me holding onto my last shred of hope for DSxJJ because… the appearance of cute painter boy rocks my already weakened ship. His name shall be remembered from now on. Kim Hong Do.

Last week, an online friend, Cherkell, told me a shocking news. Korean netizens LOVE Ji Sun and Dong Soo together – they’re the Destiny Pair. There’s no way I can comprehend this so I’m just going to move on. We agree to disagree. Yeaaaa.. Continue reading

[Recap] Warrior Baek Dong Soo Episode 11

Are you guys ready for this game-changer episode? Because our prince begins his first steps over to the dark side. While Dong Soo falls deeper in love with Ji Sun. Please prepare heart medicine for me, I’ll need it for the future.

I read that episode 11 and 12 are especially hard to translate because of the names and phrases. So I would like to thank DarkSmurfSub subbing team for all their hard work! Really, I love you guys! Continue reading

[Summary] Warrior Baek Dong Soo Episode 9 & 10

This past week isn’t the best time for uploaders around this blog. Worst case is many fans refuse to read the official announcement and just post mindlessly in the thread. Some even resort to emailing. Sigh. This makes me sad and annoyed!

Anyway, episode 9 & 10 are slow because it narrows down to DongWoon bromance. I will merge two episodes together and cut out scenes I deem as draggy and not needed. Just a small summary.

Continue reading