Huang Xiao Ming and Janine Chang headline drama Here To Heart

Confirmation is in and it’s indeed Huang Xiao Ming and Janine Chang headlining the novel-to-drama adaptation of author An Ning’s Warm Chord (温暖的弦) now officially known in English as Here to Heart. The chinese title reveals the possessive nature of their love, like saying Xian (male lead) is Wen Nuan (heroine)’s. It is a love story that begins when they are teenagers, and they love for 3 whole years before she forcefully breaks up with him when she’s fifteen and he’s 18. She leaves for the states and he vows to make her come back to him on her own accord, becoming stronger and richer than the other boy. Years pass by and he’s now a successful CEO, still carrying the wounds of first love and her deep inside his heart.

The reason for their break-up? If you want to know… It’s dog-blood silly and twisted. After the jump. =P

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