Zhao Lu Si and Chen Zhe Yuan wrapped up filming for romance drama Hidden Love

Hidden Love (偷偷藏不住) is adapted from the novel written by Zhu Yi. Going through the novel reviews, it looks like a sweet romance. Our heroine has frequent parents meeting and in order to avoid troubles, she enlists the help of her older brother but since they are like cat-and-dog, she turns to her brother’s friend (our male lead) instead. From then on, they become friends but he only looks at her like a younger sister. And he should because he’s 7 years older than her (not sure about the drama). He’s a university student and she’s a middle school girl harboring a small crush on this new friend. BUT their romance doesn’t start until she becomes a college student in the city he’s in. Phew.

You can read the translated novel here @ 88tangeatdrinkread.

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Youth drama Our Secrets (Secrets in the Lattice) with Chen Zhe Yuan and Xu Meng Jie to air

At this rate, you will never miss youth dramas. They are abundant every season! Our Secrets (暗格里的秘密) is adapted from the novel written by Er Dong Tu Zi and stars Chen Zhe Yuan and Xu Meng Jie as the main leads. He’s the talented and genius boy on campus and she’s the stubborn and bubbly Cinderella. They will accompany each other on the road of youth.

Airing 8/10 ~

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