Wallace Chung and Li Xiao Ran reunite in another Fei Wo Si Cun’s novel-to-drama adaptation, Wang Hou Yu Sheng

Were the two just waiting to be reunited with Fei Wo Si Cun? Lol. They collaborated last in Too Late to Say I Love You in 2010. I can’t believe a decade has passed! Wang Hou Yu Sheng (往后余生) is a modern drama which follows the romance of two people torn apart by a secret from the past. We meet our heroine, who is a single mother raising a child with a heart disease. She spends all her money into medical bills, working multiple jobs and living frugally to pass by. Her days take a turn for the better when her child is selected to undergo surgical treatments for research by a cardiologist. When she meets the said doctor, he turns out to be our male lead, her lover from 7 years ago. Our couple’s romance begins when both were still in school; gentle, sweet, and innocent. The blooming love was terminated by our heroine when she discovered a horrifying secret in her mother’s diary, leaving our male lead in the blind, and thus he harbors resentment for her for the years to come. He thought he would be happy seeing her living in poverty and struggling to make ends meet. But he doesn’t, his heart breaks seeing her so exhausted, so drained.

He still loves her.

Together, they find their way back to each other through healing old wounds and answering questions.

Question for novel readers: (Someone spoil me please, the child is his? ML? )

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