Bickering couple Zhu Xu Dan and Lai Yi in Ugly Girl Hai Ru Hua

Had a request to write about this drama. A lot of webdramas out there, so feel free to bring it up when I do miss them.

Hmmm, not sure why they called her Ugly ~ The girl is adorable beyond words. Adapted from the novel, Hi Ru Hua (嗨!如花), Zhu Xu Dan and Lai Yi reunite to bring you a light-hearted romcom for the summer. It has finished airing so you are free to marathon it! Her name might stem from the loving of her parents but she is raised without them and burdened by the fact that her twin brother has congenital heart disease, forcing her to make ends meet by picking up odd jobs throughout her life, selling everything and anything. Now she’s thick-skinned, loves money, and is fearless. Our male lead is an arrogant rich boy, as expected, who is recently shipped back after studying abroad in France. They clash when he’s forced to attend college like a regular kid and becomes roommate with her brother.

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