Proud of Love: Episode 1 – 2 Recap “Marriage Proposal.”

Imagine my excitement when the fluffy first episodes of Proud of Love first came out. I’m usually not into gender switching but I was totally reading the novel translation from hui3r before there was even any drama news and it was pretty comedic – a very light read. I’ve been on drama block for so long, from busyness and other ‘official’ matters it’s been good to have a break 😛 even if it is temporary. A ton of things happen even if the plot line so far does have a lot of loopholes. Yerp. Guess who proposes? And so early into the drama…?

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Body-swap hijinks in Vivian Sung’s Proud of Love’s first trailer

With the ending of Just One Smile Is Very Alluring (Love O2O), I have heard of ya’ll cries for another fluffy drama! Look no more! I wrote about it in April and now we have tons of promos and a release date! Romantic comedy, Proud of Love, is the drama adaptation of Don’t Be So Proud (别那么骄傲), a novel written by Sui Hou Zhu (随侯珠). Our OTP is played by Vivian Sung (Our Times) and Tong Meng Shi (Grade One) in a body-swap comedy between a snappy female dance major and a cold, aloof male student of the University next door. Hijinks ensue when they find themselves trapped in each other’s body after a freak accident during a vacation between their two group of friends. What’s entertaining is the setup: our heroine thoroughly enjoys the swap since she gets to be close to her crush, who dorms with several other guys, including the host body she’s in. HEE. On the other hand, our hero jumps and frets at her every move to take advantage of the situations they are put in. HAHAHA.

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22nd Shanghai International Film and TV Festival

YESH! Find your favorites walking the red carpet for their respected dramas at the 22nd Shanghai TV Festival! But noooo to another red carpet event. Lol. The Legend of Mi Yue is the biggest winner of the night for the Magnolia Awards. All shades of purple on the ladies though. Variety girls!

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Vivian Sung leads drama adaptation of Don’t Be So Proud

Oh. I like the sound of this. Might be just the drama to pique a good amount of interest. And of course, I really like Vivian Sung since her heartfelt performance in Our Times. Playing her male lead is a new face, one that we have seen before in variety show, Grade One, and recently as a minor character in Li Yi Feng’s The Legend of Chusen. He’s Tong Meng Shi. Don’t Be So Proud (别那么骄傲) is a novel written by Sui Hou Zhu (随侯珠) and it’s a soul-swapping of our OTP. The idea isn’t new and we have had a few dramas with the same premise, the most popular being Kdrama Secret Garden. Our female lead’s a dance major with a gluttony for food while he’s a top, aloof student at the University next door. During a vacation between the two group of friends, they end up swapping souls when she falls in the water and he’s struck by lightning. What I like in this scenario is she actually enjoys the swap – relishing in his body while he gapes in horror at the way she treats his masculine self – stomping of feet like a little girl. LOL! Plus, the boy she likes for a long time is his roommate (along with two other entertaining roommates)!

This is gonna be so much fun!!

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IQiyi All-Star Carnival Night 2016

^ So many pretty faces in one frame. When is this lawful?!

Finally an event where Li Ying actually attended. I was feeling dejected that she never shows up at these star-gatherings and now she is here! Yay! Everyone who came received some sort of an award so it’s really dividing the pork. I have difficulties translating some of the award titles. Lol. Please help this sister out if you have a better worded name.

This show can also be called Hu Ge and his OTPs. Dude has so many. =P

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Jerry Yan and Chen Qiao En cameo in youth movie Our Times

It’s been a long time since I squee this hard over the stills of a movie alone. SO MUCH CUTENESS abounds in this upcoming Taiwanese youth movie, Our Times, starring a wagon of fresh faces in a story we are well acquainted with in recent cinema trend – the highs and lows of emotional upheavals during those teenage years (here it is the 1990s), enhanced by prickly hormones and physical body changes. HA. At this point, Jerry Yan, Chen Qiao En, and Andy Lau‘s cameos are just icing on the top because the real stars are the sprouting seeds ready to blossom!

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