Small Town Adventures with Song Qian, Yang Yang, Jiang Jin Fu is finally airing!

Do you remember this drama? It’s been a while, at least three years since it’s been shelved. Small Town Adventures (茧镇奇缘) is a thrilling mystery-solving show set in the republican period and look at how far these actors have gone since their younger days! Victoria Song, Jiang Jin Fu, Yang Yang, and Zhang Zhi Xi!

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Gathering of Chinese Stars at Harper’s Bazaar Charity Night 2017

[Blog is alive?!]

PEACHHHHHHH!! Lolol. Your couple is front news! hee! Everyone should love this post since it’s all about pretty and kindness! I forgot who said this quote, but doing charity only has a beginning, it never ends. There was no crazy fashion tonight, everyone looks good with what they chose and for once I’m a happy camper with Li Ying’s stylist (I’m more picky with her! xD)

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Victoria Song Qian and Huang Jing Yu for fantasy drama His Excellency’s First Love

There’s no official English name yet so I’m just gonna call it His Excellency’s First Love (结爱·千岁大人的初恋). The fantasy modern drama is based on the novel written by Shi Ding Rou, which apparently has sequels (!!) so what’s in store for us might be multiple seasons if allowed since book 1 ends on a open note. They have cast Victoria Song Qian and Johnny Huang Jing Yu as the leads and first set of character posters are out for the main and supporting actors.

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Song Qian, Jiang Xin, Tang Yi Xin and more join Up Idol Season 3

Another Up Idol season with more lovely actresses! So many variety shows with the focus on bromance! Us girls gotta show the world we have as much fun and loyalty as the guys. Yes, yes?

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20th Shanghai International Film Festival 2017

With the drama section (Magnolia Awards) over with, here is the stars strutting it out for their upcoming movies! SO MANY. I’m drowning in pretty pics. The men are wicked awesome tonight. Usually they have on boring, routine stuff, but tonight, they shine more than the ladies, in my humble opinion. XD

Then there’s Weibo Night coming up…. O_O

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Bulletin Board: Cdramaland & Entertainment News (56)

I thought this post will never see the light of day. Every time I thought I was done, I turned around and they held a conference, released new pictures and bts videos. Good stuff, but too many news to sort through!

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Tearful goodbyes and palm strikes in Tong Hua’s A Life Time Love

It’s Tong Hua, tear-jerking goodbyes is a norm. Lol. One moment, there’s no promo, and now we have promos every day. Adapted from her novel, Once Promised (上古情歌), A Life Time Love will join the June ratings competition on June 12th, featuring Huang Xiao Ming, Victoria Song, Peter Sheng Yi Lun, Janice Wu Qian, and Luo Yun Xi.

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Themesong Revealed: G.E.M for A Life Time Love, Lala Hsu for Rush To The Dead Summer

Yea…. that is my face too looking at the line-up for June Broadcast.

Lol. Dramas that are set to air in June one by one releases their themesong, so prepare your ears for some great songs this summer!

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