Behind-The-Scenes videos: Tribes and Empires, Ever Night, Legend of Fu Yao, Sweet Dreams

You know me, I love behind-the-scenes videos. These Chinese productions have hundreds of workers on locations every day, so it’s not strange to see how fast they can shoot a drama within 3 months (usually modern), day-in-day-out. What we see onscreen is a the final results of blood and sweats and watching these videos always shows a new level of appreciation for the crew who works tirelessly behind the cameras all-year long.

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New Promos: Tong Li Ya & Ni Ni’s Birthdays, Tong Da Wei’s Love Actually, Jin Dong’s Head Above Water

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the fairest one of all? Alan Yu Meng Long with white hair with braids on one side.

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The King’s Woman reveals ending themesong, Xuan Yuan Sword: Han Cloud has new trailer

Uh Oh, I think I’m swayed by the ending themesong music video to check out The King’s Woman with Zhang Bin Bin and Dilraba as they are all cute and sweet. Vin should be crowned the fastest kisser in Cdramaland. Blink and you’ll miss them quick pecks. HA!

I know it’s a trick and the angst will come but…. them smirks…. T_T

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Yang Mi’s Legend of Fu Yao releases first set of Character Stills

I love how whenever they dress Yang Mi as a male, she looks the same in all her dramas with that cute little scholar hat. Lol. Legend of Fu Yao (扶摇) is adapted from the novel written by Tian Xia Gui Yuan and began filming on June 27th and plans to film for about 5 months.

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New Promos: Sun Li’s Nothing Gold Can Stay, Dilreba’s The King’s Woman, Zhang Yun Long’s Xuan Yuan Sword Cloud of Han Dynasty

It’s hard to focus on one drama per post when they churn out news endlessly throughout the day. Of the three dramas featured in here, I’m not sure which one I will watch. Nothing Gold Can Stay have weird coupling chemistry going on, The King’s Woman looks twisty and I don’t like mean lead guys even if he’s Zhang Bin Bin, but Dilreba looks stunning in all the stills, and Xuan Yuan Sword: Cloud of Han Dynasty…. I’m iffy about everyone’s okay acting. Lol.

Am I too hard to please? Or too jaded for dramaland?

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Drama Promos: Ren Jia Lun’s Qiu Chan, Cai Yi Da’s Ode To Gallantry, Lost Love In Times, Fu Yao Legend

So many news! Just doing a mini batch of news here since there were a lot and putting all in the bulletin board is too overwhelming (for all of us!).

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Liang Jian 3 with Zhang Yun Long, Vengo Gao, Shawn Wei

War drama, Liang Jian 3 (亮剑3) or Drawing Sword 3, is made to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the People’s Liberation Army, following its prequels Drawing Sword 1 and 2, released in 2005 and 2006 respectively. The new story will feature the patriotism and loyalty of the young generation beginning in 1938 about the Eighth Route Army, while still maintaining the values and meaning the originals evoked. At its center focus, Liang Jian 3 has three heroes for you to root for: Zhang Yun Long (Special Beautiful Man), Vengo Gao (Eternal Love), and Shawn Wei (Deer of Cauldron 2014).

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Xuan Yuan Sword: Han Cloud OST by Yu Meng Long and Guan Xiao Tong

Xuan Yuan Sword: Clouds of Han (轩辕剑之汉之云) is the upcoming drama adaptation of popular Chinese game franchise Xuan Yuan Sword, featuring Leon Zhang Yun Long and Alan Yu Meng Long as brothers who were separated and brought up as warriors on opposite side. Bromance!

The melody of the songs are lovely so I did wish it was given to stronger vocals. It is a pretty drama!

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