Movie Review: Detective Dee: The Four Heavenly Kings (Cmovie, 2018)

Mark Chao, Kenny Lin Gengxin and William Feng Shaofeng reprise their roles as the crime-solving trio from Young Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon in this sequel, directed by Tsui Hark (who is quickly becoming my favorite Chinese director). Joining them are Sandra Ma (“Oh My General”) and Ethan Ruan (“Legend of Fuyao”) in this mystery involving magicians, sorcery and an Empress eager for power. It’s a fun, summer flick with laughs and plenty of action.

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Tsui Hark to adapt movie version of Romance of the Condor Heroes




At least it’s a movie and not a 60-episode drama? Chinese film director, producer and screenwriter, Tsui Hark will be remaking the epic romance of Yang Yang and Little Dragon Girl for the big screen tentatively called The Romance of the Condor Heroes. The last time he did a film project related to Jin Yong’s novels is said to be movie trilogy of The Swordsman in the early 90s.

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