Colourful Bone: Series Review (Cdrama, 2017)

Heyo~~ long time no write ^.^ Our wonderful captain has asked that I write a series review since quite a few people have been requesting it, and I’m happy to oblige.

Colourful Bone or 艷骨 is originally a webnovel by Mengyan Dianxia. Although it is said the drama is a novel adaptation, a large chunk of the story has been changed.

I was meant to have this up at the end of January, but with Chinese New Year and the influx of new dramas, this has been sitting in my draft box for the longest time. I can’t harp on about it enough and Kappy can attest to this @[email protected]


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Dramas to air: Xu Hai Qiao’s Kun Lun Que, Han Xue’s War Flowers, Proud of Love 2

Some dramas I have already discussed, and some I haven’t. Never enough time to cover everything. *roars!*

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Cdrama: The Legend of Chusen Season 2 Episodes

Why am I still here…. Lol. Even the songs are the same. *side eye*

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Proud of Love: Episode 4 Recap “Rumors Away!”

Who knew that Shen Xi could be so perverted *cough cough* while stirring up so much drama at the same time? It’s rumors away! But I blame it on Monkey!

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Proud of Love: Episode 3 Recap

The first two episodes are just a crappy beginning, but afterwards it really does improve! I really did watch until episode 10! >_< lol Thus, I have made the decision to rush the drama recap out to prove it! I could tell that many were vomiting blood previously. (Well I was too lol) This next episode will focus on their first day of gender switching, with many hilarious moments and our first insight into our OTP!

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Proud of Love: Episode 1 – 2 Recap “Marriage Proposal.”

Imagine my excitement when the fluffy first episodes of Proud of Love first came out. I’m usually not into gender switching but I was totally reading the novel translation from hui3r before there was even any drama news and it was pretty comedic – a very light read. I’ve been on drama block for so long, from busyness and other ‘official’ matters it’s been good to have a break 😛 even if it is temporary. A ton of things happen even if the plot line so far does have a lot of loopholes. Yerp. Guess who proposes? And so early into the drama…?

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Body-swap hijinks in Vivian Sung’s Proud of Love’s first trailer

With the ending of Just One Smile Is Very Alluring (Love O2O), I have heard of ya’ll cries for another fluffy drama! Look no more! I wrote about it in April and now we have tons of promos and a release date! Romantic comedy, Proud of Love, is the drama adaptation of Don’t Be So Proud (别那么骄傲), a novel written by Sui Hou Zhu (随侯珠). Our OTP is played by Vivian Sung (Our Times) and Tong Meng Shi (Grade One) in a body-swap comedy between a snappy female dance major and a cold, aloof male student of the University next door. Hijinks ensue when they find themselves trapped in each other’s body after a freak accident during a vacation between their two group of friends. What’s entertaining is the setup: our heroine thoroughly enjoys the swap since she gets to be close to her crush, who dorms with several other guys, including the host body she’s in. HEE. On the other hand, our hero jumps and frets at her every move to take advantage of the situations they are put in. HAHAHA.

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The Legend of Chusen: Episode 1 “A Hero’s Path.”

 photo x.jpg

Already, the show is out for the hero’s blood using the tried-and-true method of killing off the protagonist’s loved ones and leaving him in a strange and hostile environment. But our underdog is foolishly kind and like attract like. Pretty good for a first episode.

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