Adrenaline is sky-high in Eddie Peng’s To The Fore

First post written by ghost Kappy!

You know I can’t leave you guys without nothing to read right? So there are pre-written posts scheduled to publish every 1 or 2 days. This way, you won’t feel my absence at all, except in the comment section. heh. Have some pretty pictures of the hard-working cast in To The Fore as they prepare to bike their way into your heart this August 7th! The scenery of each biking competition is worth your time, not that these pretty boys and girls aren’t appealing enough. I remember the last time we talked about this movie, it was all about their pervie uniform in the diaper area. heeehee! 😉

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Three handsome cyclists: Shawn Dou, Eddie Peng, Choi Siwon in To The Fore

 photo TTF19.jpg

Sigh~~ If only the cyclists around my neighborhood look like them, then I would feel motivated to hop out of bed and into those pants – any time of the day! 😀

This is director Dante Lam‘s latest film and has been in production since March this year. Ethan Ruan was originally part of the four leads, but due to a knee injury, he is replaced by Shawn Dou. Korean idol-turned actor, Choi Siwon, joins the cast as the geniuuuus cyclist (cannot stop face-palming at the description). Hardworking Taiwanese actor, Eddie Peng, reunites with Dante Lam after collaborating with him in Unbeatable. If anything, I’m glad that Shawn, my smiling chap, got a big part in a movie! They seem to be a dedicated group of workers, training approximately 12+ hours per day. Earlier today, one of the cast members, Carlos Chan, even hurt his collarbone (Ouch! Speedy recovery!). In the female category, the only recognizable name is May Wang (Fall In Love With You Again, The Virtuous Queen of Han).

Check them out in professional attires after the cut!

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