Princess of Lan Ling’s leads frolicking in the meadow and stealing kisses

 photo PLL4131.jpg

So wrong. Dangling the carrot.

I am supposed to be celebrating my graduation! Not itching to update pretty pictures of a drama that hasn’t been picked up by a tv station and is continuing to whack me in the head with its gorgeous costumes and sweet-loving chemistry! BURRR! For the new ones, this is another version of the story surrounding General Lan Ling, a general so pretty he has to wear a scary-looking mask to bring chills upon his enemies (why, b/c they wouldn’t take you seriously?) Andy Chen is cut out to play this role. See those hair and eyebrows? Baby Zhang can’t get any cuter while Guan Ying Peng‘s Yu Wen Yong might break a heart or more.

Image-heavy post drifters. I can’t help it. I’m just gonna go ahead and request that a kind soul recap this drama HERE with me hovering and drooling over their shoulders. Who’s up for the task? (I promise to wear a bib.)

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Striking wedding gowns for the ladies in Princess of Lan Ling

 photo PLL317.jpg

Remember this beautiful baby that I talked about in January? Well, well, well. The wait is killing me. GAHH!!! I WANT THIS NAO!! The production team releases some wedding gowns this past week and I’m just in awe staring at them. Apparently, all the costumes are tailor-made to the characters and their rank. Kristy’s wedding gown below was personally hand-sewn by 6 people in a period of 4 months to complete. O_O

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Youthful cast & gorgeous costumes for Princess of Lan Ling

 photo PLL21.jpg
My mother still believes that Kristy is Ariel’s long lost daughter. heh.

Holy Krap! Another version of the story surrounding the beautiful masked General of Lan Ling? It’s slightly different in that a heavenly maiden is not desired but a magical Qingluan mirror and Lican sword (sounds familiar to The Legend of the Magic Mirror?) Tell me this means that the ending won’t resemble each other? The strange thing is the production team just had to pick an actress that eerily resembles a baby Ariel Lin. Meet Kristy Zhang (1989’er)! The male leads are pretty youngthings too: Andy Chen (1986’er) and Guan Ying Peng (1988’er). One look slightly older than his age, while the other is the opposite. Looks and age can never go hand-in-hand, ya know. 😀

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