Zhou Dong Yu and Lu Han up for movie adaptation of The Youthful You Who Was So Beautiful

Sigh, how come Monday to friday takes so long but Friday to Monday goes by in a flash? My weekend is over and all I did was sleep. Lol. What’s worst is I also lose one hour today! BAHHHHH. But anyway, I digress from the main topic at hand, which is Zhou Dong Yu and Lu Han being rumored for the upcoming film adaptation of Jiu Yue Xi’s novel The Youthful You Who Was So Beautiful. It’s described as a dark novel with bullying as the center theme, how teens react to bullying and ignore the bullied. Our stuttered female lead witnesses the bullying of a popular classmate and clams up in fear of being the next target. The bullied girl decides to commit suicide and the investigation forces our heroine to re-evaluate her stance in the vicious cycle and she builds up the courage to expose the truth. However, with courage comes the wrath of the bullies and our female lead seeks the protection from another brave youngster – our male lead. I can see Zhou Dong Yu nailing her role but pretty Lu Han as the protector is an interesting visual…. he’s just too pretty! xD The production is from the same team behind the successful movie Soul Mate which earned both Zhou Dong Yu and Sandra Ma the title of Best Actress at the 53rd Golden Horse Film Awards. Solid work credits!

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