Ruby Lin boldly seduces Leroy Young in The Way We Were

 photo TWWW15.jpg

Okay, now I feel like I have to watch this drama just to see how Ruby does in her few seduction scenes, way different from her usual goody-two shoes roles. 😛 Those who have seen the first two episodes, is it worth it?

When asked about this particular scene, Leroy reveals, “Earlier, I didn’t want to look anywhere because it’s awkward [with Ruby, a lady so close] but now I don’t want to look anywhere because it has become a horror!

Why is it horrifying? Read more to find out. hee!

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Our Precious Pearl Princesses return to the small screen

When I say Pearl Princesses, the immediate image that should pop up is of these two. If not, we are a generation apart! Since Vicki Zhao and Ruby Lin share a connection and massive popularity back in the days (you youngins won’t understand, heh), I thought it was appropriate to put their news together, with both returning to the small screen at around the same time. Wouldn’t it be great to have them in another drama after 15 years?

The fun in counting wrinkles! 🙂

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