The Time I’ve Loved You Round Table: Premiere Episodes

This post is two weeks overdue! A new kind of post that I’m experimenting with by inviting different bloggers to do a round table of a drama they are all familiar with/watching, and The Time I’ve Loved You, remake of Taiwanese hit drama In Time With You, seems like the best choice. For the first round table we have Keane and Hess from our own blog, Kat from Dramapot and misscupcakees from A Fairytale World. Join in the fun and let us know what you think. The plan is to have a round table at the mid-point of the drama and one for the finale.

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The Time I’ve Loved You: Episode 2 Recap

The interns are on the move! Both So Eun and Seong Jae get closer to their bosses, and as a result, Won and Ha Na become one step closer to winning that $5,000. We also see more from the past, getting a peak at the leads’ hidden feelings for each other. I found this episode much more enjoyable than the first. And I’m starting to like this drama for what it is~

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The Time I’ve Loved You: Episode 1 Recap

Hello drifters, please give Hess a warm welcome to our AVV family! – Kap

It’s here!! The Time I’ve Loved You has finally premiered. I’ve been anticipating this drama since news first came out that a Korean adaptation was in the works. That plus the fact that I’m a pretty huge fan of the Taiwanese version, and I’m pretty sure I’ve only built myself up for disappointment. This is my first time doing a drama recap, so please excuse any awkwardness as I find my way as I go.

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