Rachel Mao poses daintily as a bride

Or if you prefer her full pinyin name – Mao Xiao Tong. She’s the cutie pie in Love is Back and the spoiled Guo Fu in the upcoming Romance of the Condor Heroes (new previews after the jump). No, she’s not getting married. But with the wedding fever in Taiwan and China, every girl wants to take bridal photos too. She’s like a delicate peony in the sunshine. Yep, my list of girl crushes keeps growing longer. I can’t help it, you guys see it too, right? She’s adorable!

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The Condor Heroes with Chen Xiao and Michelle Chen gets an air date

I checked and I haven’t written about this remake since….last year? Whoa. To be fair, there’s nothing to write about anyway since we know the story inside out, and head to toe. The catch is how Yumama is gonna change (ruin?) the story. I guess you’re anxious for the real date? Rumors last month said that Yun Ge From the Desert would air back-to-back with its prequel, Sound of the Desert. But the latest news from HunanTV adds a small twist and Romance of the Condor Heroes will premiere after Sound of the Desert on December 3rd.

BUT don’t worry, Yun Ge From the Desert will also air on December 9th. Two Yumama’s dramas back-to-back in one week. I guess your days of blood-spitting will happen 24/7 and every day of the week. Lol.

Let’s think positively for a second here….

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An upgrade to Xiao Long Nv’s hairstyle after 16 years

 photo bgg.jpg

Oh Yumama, why couldn’t you give Michelle Chen this hairstyle from the beginning? You could’ve saved her from a lot of internet unpleasantries. She’s looking more graceful and mature without the silly horns (that you gave to basically all the female characters!) Filming is almost done, seeing how they are now releasing images from the final battle.

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Zhu Zi Xiao cast as Kublai Khan in Yu Zheng’s Condor remake

 photo condor.jpg

Correction. Rumors before stated that Jiro Wang might play Kublai Khan but Yu Zheng has just released images of Zhu Zi Xiao as the real deal. Annnnnnnd I’m not impressed with the decision. (Nothing against the actor, I adore him…) As of right now, the whole cast comprises of young actors and actresses playing really old characters. It’s hard to take them seriously. You can call this, Condor: The Idols, and you wouldn’t be wrong.

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Xiao Long Nu in Yu Zheng’s version lands to…

 photo XLN5.jpg

Just when I’m about to head to bed, I came across the explosive news on baidu and other chinese news sites. It’s not official yet because the leaked news comes from the cast list that an insider has snapped a photo of, which is spreading like rabid fire online. Yu Zheng’s new adaptation of Jin Yong’s novel, Return of the Condor Heroes 2013, has revealed the face of its leading lady. Who is to play the coveted role of Xiao Long Nu? Keep in mind that Chen Xiao plays Yang Guo. Nope, it’s not Zhao Li Ying. She’s too adorable and young. Neither is it Angelababy, whose name has been attached to this project for quite a while already. Now imagine your own XLN and then click more…

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Yu Zheng promotes the next big star: Chen Xiao as Yang Guo 2013 + Poll


What? You think Yumama is done with Jin Yong’s novels? Nope. He’s here to rebuild the wuxia world. The young actor, Chen Xiao, at 25, has been in numerous Yu Zheng’s productions – Gong 3, The Swordsman, and as the protagonist in Female Prime Minister. Am I complaining? – too many remakes already – but I approve of him, mainly because this lad looks great in period dramas as compared to modern outfits, where he’s just another pretty boy with Asian bangs.

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