‘The Purple Hairpin Romance’ with Raymond & Michelle releases colorful trailer


Time to get a first look at Raymond’s and Michelle’s drama The Purple Hairpin Romance in motion! Produced by our lady boss herself, Michelle has also invited famous Hong Kong scriptwriter, Ka Wai Nam (The Duke of Mount Deer 1984, Beyond the Realm of Conscience) to help with the writing. Oh….that’s 8 ounces of bad, and half a pound of greatness.

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Stills: Raymond Lam & Michelle Ye in “The Purple Hairpin Romance”


ACK! It’s Miss Scholar Lai Kuan & gentleman Siu Wah from Eternal Happiness! *squeals*

Already a decade (since their last collaboration in Lofty Waters Verdant Bow)? Someone’s old…

One of my favorite couples back in the days when TVB dramas dominated my viewing experience. How I missed these two so much. GAH. The drama is said to be based loosely on a Chinese Opera, The Purple Hairpin, set in the Tang Dynasty. Expect major character and plot changes, as always. Raymond is Michelle’s first choice for the leading male character (she hearts him you see, waiting for his busy schedule since last year!), Na Lan Dong, who falls in love with a mesmerizing dancer, Huo Xiao Yu (Michelle), after her marriage with scholar Li Yi, played by Cheng Cheng. How much are they going to change? Let’s wait and see.

The Purple Hairpin Romance will be the third drama Michelle’s produced and starred in. Quite an accomplishment there. Filming has begun last month and she aims for a premiere slot in 2013.

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