[Show] Cast of "The Princess’s Man" on Happy Together

**Episode 206:
Guests: Actors from “The Princess’s Man” – Park Shi Hoo, Moon Chae Won, Hong Soo Hyun, Song Jong Ho – and Kim Dae Hee, Kim Junho
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Alice: To be honest, I’m a little sad. The cast members from drama “The Princess’s Man” didn’t do much talking, they’re absolutely newbies in variety shows. Park Shi Hoo speaks slowly and appears nervous. But the moment he smiles, I forgot everything else. 😉 Dang you million-watt smile! Moon Chae Won spends half the time covering her face, dying in laughter. Hong Soo Hyun fades away as the hour goes by. Song Jong Ho….is he even there?! Kim Junho and Kim Dae Hee did most of the talking, causing non-stop laughters…and I can’t believe Bong Sun slaps him. It’s loud!

The new game by Kim Junho is CRAZY!! Imagine if a naughty mind gets in there, like Misun… hahaha!

Shi Hoo and his hair products in the end. Photobucket