Li Yi Tong, Yang Xu Wen in Legend of the Condor Heroes 2016

Alright! A new remake in the making. What’s new nowadays, right? Lol.

The production team was trying to be secretive about the casting but it was already known in the cyberspace for many months about the two lucky new faces getting the coveted roles of a lifetime… in one of Jin Yong’s famous novels, Legend of the Condor Heroes. The new remake will be directed by Jeffrey Chiang (The Myth) and written by Chen Man Ling (The Legend of Magic Mirror). There’s also one small surprise at the end…. one actor from one of the previous versions is invited to play another character in the new version… hehe.

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Remake of The Legend of the Condor Heroes 2016 begins casting

I have no words for this trend anymore. But since it’s happening, we might as well join in the fun of unraveling new faces. I’m hoping that they stay true to their words and cast new faces through whatever reality shows/programs they’re planning. Two production companies, Huace Media and Perfect Pictures and Media Group, have bought the rights to adapt Jin Yong’s Legend of the Condor Heroes, first part of the Condor Trilogy next year. Producing the series is Guo Jing Yu (Yangko Dance), directing is Jiang Jia Jun (Yangko Dance, Love is Back), and writing is Chen Man Ling.

Let’s walk down memory lane to see which remake is your favorite?

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