Mao Zi Jun and Wu Jin Yan lead Yu Zheng’s The Legend of Hao Lan

Yumama is working his little lamb! After the success of the Story of Yanxi Palace, Wu Jin Yan is back in another palace drama, The Legend of Hao Lan. It’s based on the life story of Queen Dowager Zhao, mother of Qin Shi Huang, first emperor of a unified China in 221 BC. Of course with Yumama, a lot of things will differ…. According to the drama synopsis, our heroine was born into a prominent Zhao family but is targeted by her stepmother and loses everything. She’s bought by Lü Buwei (Nie Yuan) who then gifts her to Prince Yiren (Mao Zi Jun, yay! leading!), later King Zhuangxiang of Qin, who is held as a political hostage in the Kingdom of Zhao. The fight for power and love begins~

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