Liu Shi Shi’s Lost Love in Times, Tang Yan’s Princess Wei Young

First posters for Liu Shi Shi are out for her ancient drama, Lost Love in Times, with William Chan. I’m pleased to report that she looks quite different from her past roles. Darker and less dainty. Tang Yan‘s Princess Wei Young also releases a bunch of stills and the opening themesong sang by A-Lin. It has a nice emotional run.

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Yao Di and Qiao Zhen Yu for The Entangled Life of Qing Luo

Another drama adaptation that began filming on September 20st. The Entangled Life of Qing Luo is adapted from the novel Man Man Qin Luo (蔓蔓青萝) written by Zhuang Zhuang. Yao Di (Why Get Married) and Qiao Zhen Yu (Epiphyllum Dream) are paired together as our OTP in a “memorable” love story. Our heroine time-travels back to a time not in history book, in the body of the third daughter of a prime minister (in the novel, she was 6, in the drama, will be older, of course). In that frail body, she witnesses her father’s two faces and the condescension aimed at her weak mother by his various wives due to their low status. She schemes of running away from the place with her mother but that is before she meets two important men in her life – General Liu Jian (Zhu Jia Qi) and Fourth Prince Liu Fei (Qiao Zhen Yu). Beauty and the throne, can one have it all?

I totally forgot about this one, been sitting pretty in my draft folder. XD

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