Vlinkage reveals 16 Cdramas with over 10 Billions Online Views

Can see why they’re so happy. Each has 3 dramas on the list. Chusen with them together tops the list. Lol. Ratings is such a weird concept. We might find a drama so frustrating and rage-inducing, and yet we still tune in, contributing to the enormous view count. WHYYYYYYY?

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Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (7)

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Black Crow cosplays Fan Bing Bing’s Empress Wu to perfection

I didn’t think much of these pictures when I saw them last week because the image of Fan Bing Bing as Empress Wu has pretty much ingrained itself into my head. But when I stumbled upon the above picture yesterday…. I was like… WHAT? What a great job she did cosplaying the drama empress! I’m telling you cosplaying in China is a legit business. If I ever go to China, I would definitely find a cosplaying artist and turn myself into a kickass character from wuxia. The person above goes by the name of Black Crow on Weibo and you can check all…..HIS works there.


You read that right.

The person above is a male. MALE.

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Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (3)

Continuing the bug of Youdontmindcompressing postococcus!

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