Synopsis for upcoming Tdrama ‘A Good Wife’

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…And here I’m wondering why it’s called A Good Wife when the other name is Dear, I Have Fallen In Love With Someone Else (親愛的,我愛上別人了). I’m guessing she doesn’t cheat and actually does the most logical thing. So many kiddie shows lately, and I’m not against them, just craving for a show with maturity and real adults acting like…ADULTS! And this drama seems the case. Falling for another man when you’re married. I hope the writer is going to handle this issue with sensitivity and warmth. Don’t go cuckoo on me now. The leading actress is Tian Xin and I beat myself up trying to remember where I saw her before. She was in an ancient drama 13 years ago called Bloody Pearl. Her role in there was very similar to Little Swallow in HZGG. I like her a lot and hence the impression is long-lasting. Her profile says she was in Who’s The One and now I’m tempted to check that out cause she’s the lead.

Our wonderful XYZ has translated the synopsis and trailers. Check them out after the jump!

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