Dashing Youth: Blood of Youth’s prequel with Hou Ming Hao, He Yu, and Hu Lian Xin releases first trailer

Dashing Youth (少年白马醉春风) is the prequel to the well-loved 2022 drama The Blood of Youth. It follows our hero played by Neo who is described as stubborn and doesn’t like to learn poems or martial arts. He only likes to make wine. He had a best friend who was murdered and later reunited under a different name played by He Yu. As we all know how fate works, he’s accepted into a martial arts school and meets a group of youngsters, making him evaluate his life choices. When his best friend is used to launch a war, he has to step up to protect the world and the boy he once knew!

EDIT // Airing 7/19!

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Cdrama OST: Meet Yourself, Love Like the Galaxy, The Starry Love, Love Between Fairy and Devil, Three Body, The Blood of Youth and more!

Massive dump of soundtracks for all!

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Series Review: The Blood of Youth (Cdrama, 2022)

What drama started at the end of 2022 and ended at the start of 2023 that has taken the drama community by storm?

One of our AVV community member, wuxiadrama_lover, shares her thoughts with us!

We also have the Special episode subbed and OST!

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Cdramas Updates: Agarwood Like Crumbs, Night Wanderer, The Wind Blows From Long Xi, The Ingenious One, Qiyi’s Upcoming Dramas

Sorry for the lack of updates, so here is a huge batch of news! Productions that are stingy and only released a poster didn’t make it into this post. Lol. 😀

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