George Hu returns in family drama Happiness Meets Rainbow

I miss George on my screen but it looks like he’s determined to remain there for he’s in projects I have no desires to watch. I can’t do Taiwanese dailies. Too long for my fish attention span. Happiness Meets Rainbow is his upcoming Chinese drama. The name makes me giggle: Happiness Meets Rainbow equals Unicorns in my book. Lol. It follows the sole bread winner of a family (Yedda Chen Yan Fei) as she juggles the responsibilities of putting food on the table and the games involved with the three men she encounters. Three men again??! Okay. Even though her educational background isn’t high, she’s described as cool, kind, and brave (er, those characteristics do not go along with education, mmmkay). Upon returning from study abroad, her fiancé (Tang Chen Yu) quickly ends their marriage, leaving her with a sick son to care for. She then meets architect Du Fan (George Hu) and the two fall in love. But then something happens and it tears them apart. They meet again years later and eventually end up as a couple.

So many creative ideas in this story! XD ……

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