HKTV’s Vampire Drama: Still Have Time To Love You

 photo SHTLY19.jpg

I guess if you’re a vampire, that’s a romantic line to start the first date.

So I went snooping around TVB forum and caught sight of this upcoming series, Still Have Time To Love You (還來得及再愛你) produced by TVB’s to-be rival network, HKTV. I was nodding my head until I read: Inspired by Twilight. LORDY. Stop right there. Hong Kong has great movies and dramas about vampires (remember those jumping ones? C’mon, join my old ship) so I have no idea why they must use teeny bopper Twilight as a source of inspiration. Except, we don’t have werewolves in here. The great thing is it’s billed for 10 episodes and promises to be sweet. About time someone kicks Tvb in the nuts and tell them to produce quality over quantity.

Guess who plays the ancient vampire with a jaded heart?

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