Small Town Adventures with Song Qian, Yang Yang, Jiang Jin Fu is finally airing!

Do you remember this drama? It’s been a while, at least three years since it’s been shelved. Small Town Adventures (茧镇奇缘) is a thrilling mystery-solving show set in the republican period and look at how far these actors have gone since their younger days! Victoria Song, Jiang Jin Fu, Yang Yang, and Zhang Zhi Xi!

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Victoria and Jiang Jin Fu’s Cdrama has an official name and trailer

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I last talked about this drama earlier this year. Remember how some of us wanted to correctly translate its name? Thanks heavens the production company took care of that problem during the press conference held today. The official title is now The Chronicles of Town Called Jian. Did someone fall asleep and forget one missing letter in the title? Ahum.

Check the 5-minute trailer to see if it caters to your taste!

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F(x)’s Victoria and Jiang Jin Fu lead in thrilling Coccoon Romance Town

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Have some abs to rinse your eyes on New Year! Good luck to all!

If the title sounds weird, it’s because Google hasn’t done a good job. Chinese title is 茧镇奇缘, so pleaseeee help me out with a fitting translation (I’m embarrassed, obviously! We need a Translator on this ship!) Anyway, it’s a new Cdrama based on a novel with the same name and is set in the Republican-era (again, I know! Bought your ticket yet?) From the green cast (they keep getting younger!), we have another batch of young actors added to the small screen. This includes K-pop idol, Victoria Song, from the group F(X), playing the female lead. The leading guy is handed to Jiang Jin Fu, the young lad in Xuan Yuan Sword – Rift of the Sky. Unfortunately, I will have to break more hearts by revealing that our baby, Yang Yang, will be playing the second lead. Hopefully, his character is complex enough to make up for your sinking feeling!

As I don’t follow K-pop anymore, I have no idea about Victoria’s acting. She was in Taiwanese drama, When Love Walked In, in 2012. Is she serviceable or good?

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