Jin Dong’s Mr. Right joins January Broadcast, Bai Lu sings for Song Wei Long’s Untouchable Lovers

Our wagons of January dramas ~

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Pretty Man Teaser: Dylan Xiong Zi Qi seals proposal to Li Xi Rui with a kiss

If anyone is busy, then Dylan Xiong Zi Qi is one to add to the list, busy filming one drama after another. He’s another new face from last year that I haven’t gotten the chance to watch in any projects yet. Seems like a nice kid on variety shows. He will be romancing Li Xi Rui in Pretty Man (国民老公), adapted from Ye Fei Ye‘s novel. It’s a modern love story that starts in high school where our two leads harbor crushes for each other but not brave enough to admit. Events happen and he thinks she likes his younger brother (of a different mother), while she thinks he hates her. And just like that 13 years pass by and now he’s a rich CEO of a company, also an acting god, while she’s a budding new actress in the scene. Behind the scene, they are forced to get married but he’s acting under the name of his younger brother – who’s in a coma after an accident. Now linked together, they will jump through hurdles to the very end. Sweetly.



Hmmmm this sounds melo but readers promise it’s a darn sweet story afterwards ~

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Bulletin Board: Cdramaland & Entertainment News (56)

I thought this post will never see the light of day. Every time I thought I was done, I turned around and they held a conference, released new pictures and bts videos. Good stuff, but too many news to sort through!

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Legend of Ace begins filming with Michael Chen and Gina Jin

I’m feeling rather lukewarm about this series, mainly because our hero is described many times by novel readers as another version of Jin Yong’s famous character, Wei Xiao Bao, and I’m not fond of him at all! Then they cast Michael Chen He (Run Brother) in the role and that’s kind of a deadly combination – cannot take this man seriously. Lol. I hope he proves me wrong because the only medium I have watched him in is variety shows and that is very different for everyone. Rising new face Gina Jin plays one of the main roses in his life. Noooes!!

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First trailer for Les Interprètes with Yang Mi and Huang Xuan

I have to say, I didn’t have interest in this drama but as I read reviews from novel fans, I think I will tune in after all. With all the elves, time-traveling, and demons running around in dramaland, it’s nice to have a normal modern drama (yunno, as far as I can see from the trailer, Lol.) I like that the genre is new to cdramaland and the trailer keeps it short and sweet without any physical violence, except for the brief part where Huang Xuan almost pokes Yang Mi in the eye. I wonder whether they have to re-shoot that scene several times to get it right.

In addition, it feels more grounded than your usual fare. Looking good.

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