Shotenin Michiru no Mi no Uebanashi: Episode 1-5 “Unpredictable.”


The title is a mouthful and one that I have to repeatedly verify with Wiki every single time I need to write about it! The translated English title is The Life Story of Bookstore Clerk Michiru, and is based on a novel “Mi no Uebanashi” by Shogo Sato. It’s such a weird drama in that you’re not required (don’t feel like it) to root for anyone because the characters are flawed, to the point of unlikable and our heroine is definitely not your typical plucky girl. Different from the Liar Game, Toda Erika’s character is a lottery ticket winner and we see how that lucky fortune becomes ominous, beginning with a seemingly harmless lie.

The best way I could describe her character is one missing a few marbles in her moral compass. She’s either going to fill up those spots along the way or lose some more.

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