Yang Mi and Tong Li Ya join the boys in Takes A Real Man 2

I haven’t followed variety shows in so long so this news came as a surprise. Takes a Real Man (真正男子汉) is the Chinese Version of the Korean show, Real Man (much like Run Brothers to Korea’s Running Man), featuring a group of celebrities experiencing life in the military. Season one created many beautiful friendships, one of which includes Yuan Hong and his young brother Liu Hao Ran, who rounded out his handsome groomsmen. In season 2, they have added on four lovely female celebrities to mix up the dynamics. They are Yang Mi, Tong Li Ya, Zhang Lan Xin, and Shen Meng Chen, along with a group of male stars in Jiang Jin Fu, Huang Zi Tao, Li Rui, and Sun Yang.

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Janice Wu Qian in My Wonderful Boyfriend with Kim Tae Hwan

I don’t know who named this show, but that person is dead wrong. It should’ve been called My Adorable Girlfriend instead because just look at Janice Wu Qian! She’s the answer to every cold and heartless rich male species! In any case, this modern drama is touted to be China’s answer to the popular Korean series with Kim Hubby, My Love from the Star. My Wonderful Boyfriend (我的奇妙男友) stars Janice as the rising starlet and Korean actor Kim Tae Hwan as the emotionless mutant undead from centuries before. Watch out, flower boys, she’s out to get ya’ll. I’m not familiar with this actor but he’s seriously channeling Zhang Han’s vibes!

The long trailer was released two days ago and I uploaded it at the end of the post. Janice slays, is all. =D

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