Variety Show 24 Hours Season 3 with Jimmy Lin, Hu Yi Tian, Lin Yun, Xiong Zi Qi, and more

A lot of new variety shows popping up lately. Outdoor reality show 24 Hours is not new but they have switched in new faces for Season 3 and it premieres today 2/2 with Jimmy Lin, Shawn Yue, Wei Da Xun, Bai Jing Ting, Hu Yi Tian, Xiong Zi Qi, and Lin Yun as the only female member. The first two seasons were led by Chen Kun, Han Geng, Leo Wu, and 3 more.

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Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (2)

Thanks for everyone for participating last time! I think this post will just be my random spazzing of everything under the sun, so feel free to rave and rant about anything and everything, and who knows you might find that one person who shares the same opinion. =D

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Official Promos gear up for China’s We Are In Love Season 2

It’s been two months and yet my heart and brain still can’t wrap a grip around the happening that is We Are In Love Season 2 with three confirmed couples: Bolin Chen X Song Ji Hyo, Zhou Dong Yu x Shawn Yue, and Wei Da Xun x Li Qin. The only salvation for me is to let you guys follow and watch it. Lol.

Thank-you for suffering in my stead! Premiering in just a few days 2/28/16.

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Yang Rong films new modern drama with Shawn Yue

 photo LoveU19.jpg

With the wrap up of Lady And the Liar, and the news of her latest drama, Yun Zhong Ge, airing in June, Yang Rong is free to sign on a new project with Shawn Yue. Looks like our batch of young actors are tired of the heavy wardrobes and tacky headgear, as each is participating in a modern drama. Lots of new dramas are beginning to film this month, but gosh, can you at least release a logical one where I could watch and not snicker in contempt?

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