Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (12)

Somehow, I can’t keep up with this drama-binging post, trying to make it bi-weekly but it always comes around as monthly. Lol. With august almost over, we are officially stepping out of the “hot summer” drama period and entering the cooling phase of the year. I finished Seven Day Queen as well; first Korean drama I finished this year! I put it off for like a whole month because I didn’t want to see such a well-acted, well-written, and well-directed drama come to an end. The last episode was beautiful, everyone has their deserved ending, especially the three main characters; they recognized their shortcomings and situation and did what was best – true to their characters and in line with the plot development. Props to Park Min Young‘s character because she made me realize that a badass heroine is not about wielding a sword; she fought with every fiber of her being, she took control of her fate, deciding every step of the way how she wanted to live her life.

The seamless transition between the three phases of our OTP undid me because it symbolizes their bittersweet relationship and how their strong commitment to each other transcends time and keeps them motivated to live until they are reunited.

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