Cinderella is Online: Japanese Remake of Love O2O with Nakamura Riho and Seto Toshiki

Cinderella is Online (シンデレラはオンライン中) is the joint production between Fuji TV’s FOD and Youku with a total of 10 episodes. It’s the Japanese remake of popular Cdrama Love O2O which starred Yang Yang and Zheng Shuang back in 2016. The adaptation stars Nakamura Riho and Seto Toshiki and the story seems pretty similar with our female lead not interested in real-life romance but is all about playing the online game Tenkyo, where her character is dating the top player. They meet in real life and he turns out to be the Campus prince, even owning his own gaming company. They get close and start dating, but our heroine also begins to get attack from people who are jealous of her.

Begins airing on 1/12 ~

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