Mixed reactions to Liu Hao Ran’s lead role in Nirvana In Fire 2

Various news outlets broke out the news about the highly anticipated sequel to Nirvana In In Fire this morning, naming young rising star, Liu Hao Ran (With You), as the leading man for The Wind Blows in Chang Lin (琅琊榜之凤起长林). Netizens, of course, have very mixed reactions. The producer has already said before that the story is not completely linked to part 1 so a fresh story with new characters makes sense. If anything, they are more concerned about the script above all else, which is what I appreciate the most. Writing is seriously lacking these days in Cdramas. I adore Liu Hao Ran and yes, he’s very young! Only 18! If you’re gonna push for new faces, he’s the right choice! Now let’s keep Leo Wu Lei so the two good friends can play together on set. XD

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