A Fist Within Four Walls: Episode 1 & 2 “Fallen Heroes.”

Ohhh. I like what I’m seeing so far. While Chusen crawls at a snail’s place, TVB’s A Fist Within Four Walls is giving me the burst of adrenaline I need! What I love most is that we have several real martial artists in the house, plus the fact that the main leads and supporting characters all went through vigorous training to perform the required stunts. The result is some nice hand-to-hand action scenes! I miss those hic! hah! huh! sounds so much. Wuxia dramas from Mainland series are just not the same with heavy reliance on CGI and fancy shooting lights.

Dicky Cheung, I miss you.

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TVB 2015 Anniversary Awards Ceremony: “Surprises.”

Don’t know why I still like to do this red carpet, maybe it is tradition (since 2012). I haven’t watched a single TVB drama all year long. Those I planned to watch (Lord of Shanghai, With and Without You), I ended up not having time for. Did you guys watch any this year? Agreed with the winners?

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TVB 48th Anniversary Awards Ceremony (2014): “Expected results.”

No, they are NOT getting married. Lol.

Longest shift today. 15 hours! Then I came home and belated realized the TVB annual awards show was this past Monday. Surprised that it did not generate the usual heated competition like the other years among the contenders. Then I scrolled down the winners list and the reason couldn’t be any clearer. There was no competition at all. The major winners of the night were expected, with only a few great surprises. I think TVB had a decent year in 2014. At least I think so because I’ve watched more series this year as compared to the past few years. But the dismal ratings…so low…

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TVB 46th Anniversary Awards Ceremony (2013): “Lovely Winners!”

 photo nan_ron.jpg

Another year of TVB dramas. To be honest, I only watched and finished Triumph In the Skies 2 (skimming through the last 20 episodes, ahum), a few episodes of Brother’s Keeper and Reality Check, and 6 episodes of My Bounty Lady. So I’m not a good representative of a TVB fan. heh. But now that fans have calmed down, I’ll tune in for some fun. Hint: A round of fashion terror!

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Reality Check Episode 1-4: “Kids these days.”


Interesting concept and one I’d like to see handle with a thoughtful, positive outlook. The first 4 episodes of TVB’s latest drama involves taking a spoiled city teenager and placing him in the middle of a rural life, without access to his everyday luxury goods. No cellphone, no internet, no toothpaste! Or is that even possible? Kids these days! It’s a growing problem when a 6 year-old is playing games on his latest Ipad gift instead of spending time outdoor.

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Trailer for upcoming travel-to-the-past HK drama “Three Kingdoms RPG”

From left to right: Ruco Chan (YAY!), Kenneth Ma, Tavia Yeung, Sharon Chan *dunno the other three*

Tvb fans! Raise your hand straight and proud! If you want to talk about the theme of time travel, Tvb should be mentioned because of their successful drama A Step Into the Past in 2001. Haven’t watched any Tvb dramas in a while….almost half a year now. But this trailer and the poster caught my attention. The poster is surprisingly well-done. I love the cross between the past and present with the ancient stamp holding modern text. It may look over-crowded but I think that’s the intention, capturing all the appalled and curious look of the characters to the intrusion of one man.

This series is set to air in July. Looking forward to it and if it’s good, I’m taking it up!

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