Luo Jin and Li Yi Tong struggle between duty and love in Royal Nirvana

Looks like this could be a decent drama? Luo Jin leads the Royal Nirvana as the Crown Prince whose merits are deemed as a threat to the current King and he struggles to be a dutiful son and crown prince at the same time. On the other hand, the king’s illegitimate son played by Jin Han furtively plants traps to dislodge his brother off the royal chair. In one of his schemes, he frames his brother for the death of an official, setting official’s daughter (Li Yi Tong) on a path of vengeance against his brother.

EDIT: Such a quiet premiere (thanks Lenje!), it started airing on 11/11, 3 new episodes every Monday and Thursday.

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Cdrama Updates: There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain, Royal Nirvana, The Listener, Sniper

Hope everyone is doing well! I have one more week left to my vacation. Pants are getting tight now. LOL.

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Luo Jin and Li Yi Tong begin filming Royal Nirvana

Back to work again these two! Li Yi Tong might not have debut with a bang with The Legend of the Condor Heroes, but she has work back-to-back since then, no break in between, I believe. I’ll check out the synopsis when I get home from work but hopefully, this is just the undone version of her hair or else she and Luo Jin will be sporting the same look. Lol.

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