Official Trailer for The Legend of Zu brings kisses and backhugs

A press conference was held today. Beside cat-walking down the red carpet in their costumes and waving their designated weapons, the first official trailer was also released to the audience. I watched the fancam trailer and is still upset with some of William’s fangirls. The need to scream EVERY SINGLE TIME his face is shown on screen while ignoring the rest of the cast members is frustrating, to say the least (click here for the fuzzy fancam). What’s going on here?! If I were there, I would be screaming for everyone, loudest for my girl crush Ying Ying because she deserves much more support than what was shown! Tskk Tskk!!

– calms self down –

Enjoy the heavy batch of images and trailer at the end. 😉

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Nicky Wu as big bad daddy to Zhao Li Ying in The Legend of Zu

This show is gonna kill me with all the teasing pictures! Can I get them all at the same time? But yes, we finally get a look at the big bad Daddy of the series in Nicky Wu! I don’t know, he looks great…. but more like a Mongolian King and less of the demon lord. Lol.

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The Legend of Zu with Zhao Li Ying and William Chan unveils gorgeous first stills

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Just before I head to bed, I checked the news and TA-DA! First batch of stills for The Legend of Zu is out!! I don’t think I’m in the mood for sleeping anymore. hee!! First mentioned in December of last year (click for more discussion), I have been eying, practically stalking, this production for the past four months just for today! And they didn’t disappoint! If anything, the stills make me all pumped up now! THEY ARE GORGEOUS. ZHAO LI YING LOOKS PERFECT FROM HEAD TO TOE! Thanks stylists!

I apologize beforehand if I sound twelve in this post. I can’t help my fangirling heart. ❤❤❤❤

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