Badass Promos: The Mystic Nine, Rookie Agent Rouge, Demon Girl

Good Friday everyone! ^___^ My Friday morning is looking good so far with all these promotional materials and confirmed casting calls coming out left and right. Plus, the sunny weekend awaits me! But I’ll be working…. let’s not get into that…. Tsk! Tsk!

The endless pretty after the jump awaits you!

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Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (35)

Get ready for some old news… Lol. This post was supposed to come out last week but the Shanghai Festival distracted me. Now you know pretty and shiny things can get me off course in a snap!

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New trailers for Rookie Agent Rouge and Our Ten Years

It’s a good day to be a Zhao Li Ying’s fan. Both of her productions decided to drop trailers for us! First official trailer for Rookie Agent Rouge (胭脂) with Lu Yi and another new trailer for her movie Our Ten Years (我们的十年) with Kimi Qiao and Gui Gui. Not only that, rumors are high that her drama Ji Xiang Tian Bao (吉祥天宝) with Zhu Zi Xiao and Kim Ki Bum will air exclusively as a webdrama on QQ sometime in June. I hope they know we are in June…. just saying. And on a side note, you hear that Nutella? Remember our promise? I might be growing more white hair nowadays, but I remember. hehe.

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Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (31)

Hope everyone had a great good Friday! The little bros got to stay home while I had work! Being an adult sucks! Unless you have a drink in hand…

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Different styles to Zhao Li Ying in Rookie Agent Rouge

Awww she looks so cute, how can I go to sleep and not update. I’ll pin this post as the gallery for Rookie Agent Rouge from now on so all HQ pictures are stored in the same post…until a trailer is released. Check the right-hand bar of this blog for easy access links!

*new stills added 10/10/15: Pointing guns at each other equals I love you?

*new stills added 10/29/15: More guns!

*new stills added 11/24/15: Are they using the same make-up artists as Zu Legend? They even cut the girl on the opposite cheek.

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Official stills for Zhao Li Ying and Lu Yi’s Rookie Agent Rouge

I want to sleep but news keep churning out! Then we have Zhao Li Ying‘s cute face popping up and I’m done for! Have a look at the first official stills for her republican drama, Rookie Agent Rouge, with Lu Yi as the hero. The story follows the growth of our heroine as she goes from a spoiled, reckless, rich girl to a patriotic young woman, acting as a spy to chase out the traitors working for the enemy during the period of Anti-Japanese sentiments. Lu Yi portrays an experienced officer, guiding and providing support along the way as she navigates through treacherous grounds. Good thing this is not Shifu Ver. 2.0. *BREATHE*

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Zhao Li Ying’s next leading man is Lu Yi for The Rouge

I have mixed feelings about this drama and this pairing. Zhao Li Ying‘s next project after she completes filming for The Rise of A Tomboy is a spy drama, which I initially thought would be (and should be) serious and ass-kicking but it turns out to be more romance-centered, playing out from a young girl’s perceptive (she’s our heroine.) Tentatively titled The Rouge, various reports have stated that our leading man is Lu Yi (Grow Up). They have worked together before in Love Yun Ge from the Desert and The Palace. Who knows, they might look better in motion.

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