Cute OTP but slappity trailer: Return of the Heiress

 photo Her5.jpg
Do you see the pattern? Korea is not the only country with unhappy Inheritors. We have an heiress right here!

Return of the Heiress (千金归来) is the upcoming Cdrama with a recycled plot. The drama is based on a novel, so hopefully the writer has a solid writing to shoot its lovable OTP into stardom. They are uber cute in the stills below. And then I saw the trailer and a long train of nononono came out! The plot in a nutshell: Mother’s mysterious death is not an accident. Stepfather and mistress + step sister (I know! It runs in the gene!) work together to swallow the company, kicking the poor heiress out. Betrayed by those she once loved, our girl promises to get them back. One thing to note about the trailer: Slapping is a common method of greeting. Who wants to count the number of painful greetings? By the end of the drama, all has given and received kabang to their faces. Though most of the slaps look silly and terribly fake. Do we need a Slapping 101 here? But it’s comforting to know that our heroine also dishes out the five fingers. *thumbs-up*

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